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Rest in peace, Edd.

2012-03-27 20:15:53 by TheFizh

Farewell, Edd. I thank you for your contributions to this world.

So, goddamn it.
You may or may not know about the Homestuck album contest. You may or may not what Homestuck is, but that's aside from the point. The point is: There is a contest open to the public to send in music that defines a certain character. The chosen songs of the bunch will become a full length album and become a new Homestuck theme album. I have entered into this contest with my work featured here. I think my main problem is that I produce everything I do with Garageband (yes, I am a cheap whore,), and when I export the songs into mp3s, the songs lose sound quality and volume. I'm afraid to send in my submission because it is not the best I can make it sound. So goddamn. I'll do it anyways, though.

Hello There...

2011-08-28 15:12:57 by TheFizh

So, I'm not new to Newgrounds. I was introduced when I was 10 to nightmarish Weebl videos (I think I was 10...) by my friend, and I was scarred for life. Now, I am but a low life teenager hounding the internets for ways to get my music online and also free. I have come here, to Newgrounds to present my musical endeavors here for your judgement.